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Stripping & Waxing

Discover the key to durable flooring: wax! It's your first line of defence against everyday wear and tear. From spills and parties to furniture scrapes, your floors are always at risk. But if damage occurs on your wax coating, fear not! A simple renewal can bring your floors back to life at a fraction of the cost of replacing them entirely. Save big and show your floors some love – before it's too late. Here are a few benefits of a wax coating: 

  • Cost-effective: Wax coating is a cost-effective solution to protect your floors from wear and tear. 

  • Enhances Durability: Wax coating enhances the durability and longevity of your flooring by protecting it from constant damage.

  • Easy to Maintain: With wax coating, it is much easier to maintain your flooring. 

  • Reduces the Risk of Injuries: Wax coating makes the floors less slippery, thereby reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

  • Eco-friendly: Wax coating is an environmentally friendly solution as it does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm you or the environment.

Red Deer & Area Stripping & Waxing

If you want to maintain the durability of your flooring, wax is the perfect solution. Flooring is always at risk, facing daily wear and tear, from spills and stains to furniture scrapes that can easily leave unsightly marks. However, utilizing waxing as your first line of protection is proven to be an effective and practical method of keeping your floors looking as good as new.

Wax has been utilized as a floor covering for many years. It is known for its durability, toughness, and ability to protect your flooring from damages. Wax has a protective layer over the surface of your floors, which helps keep them looking newer for longer. Waxing can effectively cover scratches and scrapes, and let's not forget that it repels any future stains, spills, or dirt particles. With regular waxing, your floors will be able to withstand the test of time, maintaining their true colors and hues, vitality, and longevity.

It is crucial that you understand that if damage occurs on your wax coating, you do not have to worry as there are cost-effective methods to renew the wax’s protective layer on top of your floors. Homeowners can benefit from spending a lot less on renewing their floors from wax damage than having to replace their whole flooring. Through a simple renewal of the wax coating on top of your floors, they can be brought back to life, looking as good as new!

Why choose wax? Waxing is an ideal option for those who want to enhance their flooring. Wax treatment has many advantages, such as being cost-effective and easy to apply. Other alternatives, such as varnish or polyurethane, may be more expensive, and some may require professional help, which can significantly escalate costs.

Moreover, waxing provides depth and warmth to the flooring, enhancing its natural beauty. It provides a low-level shine that lasts longer than most alternatives. This kind of flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas such as foyers, living rooms, and even kitchens. Homeowners can enjoy a renewed flooring experience that will live on for many years with consistent waxing.

Waxing wood floors has become increasingly popular for both retail and commercial establishments. For commercial businesses, routine waxing and polishing are essential, particularly in high-traffic areas. A well-maintained floor presents the business's appearance and contributes significantly to a pleasant and inviting environment. Furthermore, waxing wood floors is known for its ability to repel water and prevent stains, making it a perfect option for restaurants and cafes.

Waxing wood floors is not only limited to wood; it can also be used on concrete or terrazzo floors. It provides an extra layer of depth, making concrete floors look more polished and refined. Waxing concrete floors also assists in prolonging their lifespan, making them less prone to cracking and chipping and enhancing their texture.

To summarize, waxing is a practical and cost-effective way of keeping wooden, concrete, and terrazzo flooring looking attractive and new for longer. It provides a layer of protection that repels water, prevents scratches, and preserves the original color and texture of the flooring. Investing in waxing is investing in the sustainability and longevity of your flooring.


In conclusion, waxing your floors is the best way to protect them from everyday wear and tear, providing a level of protection that is both durable and cost-effective. It is a perfect solution for enhancing your flooring; it adds natural depth and shine, making it look newer and more attractive for longer. Additionally, wax is an excellent alternative to other costly flooring finishes, making it a perfect solution for homeowners and businesses on a tighter budget but still want the best for their flooring. Invest in waxing and take proper care of your flooring to keep it looking great for years to come!

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